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Branding Services in Cleveland, Ohio and Pennsylvania

Every strategy we develop for branding services utilizes a set standard to deliver its message and communicate with people efficiently. These guidelines serve as the foundation for its use on signage, stationery, and advertisements. It covers every aspect of your brand, down to the minimum font size, for effective use on billboards and business cards.

Your brand standards will typically start with required fonts, colors (RGB, CMYK, and Pantone), dimensions, and white space around your logo. It will also require consideration in respect to your audience and target market. Every aspect of your guidelines will be thoroughly broken down and placed with precision and planning.

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We offer comprehensive branding services that significantly impact the way your customers receive your brand. Not only do these brand standards serve as a foundation, but they also help in securing a solid understanding through the consistent use of your logo, colors, and imagery. In this respect, it eliminates confusion on our end and sends the same, effective message every time.

Learn how Xpotential Marketing Group can help develop your brand standards. Connect with us for a free quote at 847-571-3348 or fill out our form and we’ll connect with you.

Learn how Xpotential Marketing can help with your branding.