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Direct Mail and Newspaper Marketing


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Direct Mail Marketing and Newspaper Marketing in Ohio

We assess if this is right for you. In some instances, this can be a excellent vehicle to prospect as well as reach existing customers. We recommend this once after a thorough analysis of the data. There are three primary variables to a good direct mail marketing strategy: Design, target, and message. Our team works diligently to maximize in each of these mail marketing

Our designs are simple and tasteful. We work with our client/partner to understand their needs, and we have them go through a questionnaire before we start designing. This helps us create a focused design strategy.

The data does the targeting for us. We understand who you’re trying to go after and we compare that to your current database. We look at distance analysis, age, income, and even things like insurance indices for our dental clients.

We like to lead when it comes to messaging. We do a lot of research on the right messaging. We make sure that there is a clear call to action and whatever we are conveying to the customer is relevant.
We strategize, manage, and execute your entire direct mail/newspaper campaign.

Connect with us at 847-571-3348 or fill out our form and we’ll connect with you help you drive your direct mail marketing and newspaper campaign.

Design, target and measure is our goal for your direct mail marketing/newspaper campaign.