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We specialize in providing comprehensive insurance verification services tailored for dental clinics. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring accurate and timely verification of dental insurance benefits, alleviating the administrative burden from your staff. We understand the complexities of dental insurance and stay abreast of the latest changes in policies and procedures, ensuring your clinic’s operations are smooth and your patients’ experiences are seamless. By partnering with us, you can expect a significant reduction in claim denials, increased operational efficiency, and improved patient satisfaction. We’re not just a service provider; we’re an extension of your team, committed to enhancing the financial health and patient care quality of your dental practice

Case Studies

Background: Desert Valley Dental, known for its high-quality dental care, struggled with time-consuming insurance verification processes. This inefficiency led to delays in patient appointments and increased administrative stress.

Solution: Our team implemented a streamlined verification system that integrated seamlessly with their existing workflow, allowing them to focus more on the practice

Results: Desert Valley Dental saw a 40% reduction in administrative time spent on insurance tasks, a 30% decrease in claim denials. With more time now being spent on treatment coordinations, they also saw an increase of 12% in revenue.

The transformation has been remarkable. We’ve saved countless hours and can focus more on patient care. This change is exactly what we needed.

Dr. Goodman
Owner, Desert Valley Dental.

Background: Access Dental faced challenges with managing insurance verifications across multiple locations, leading to inconsistencies and communication challenges.

Solution: A customized multi-site verification solution was implemented to cater to their expansive network.

Results: They experienced a 50% faster insurance verification process, a 25% increase in patient throughput, and improved inter-clinic coordination.

Our workflow is more efficient than ever. We’re seeing more patients and reducing operational stress.

Dr. Phan
CEO, Access Dental.

Background: Dreamworks Dental was facing significant financial strain due to high operational costs in managing insurance verification. With a network of 8 practices, they employed 8 full-time staff members solely for insurance verification, leading to inflated payroll expenses and inefficient resource utilization.

Solution: We introduced our specialized insurance verification service, designed to handle high volumes of verifications efficiently. By leveraging our advanced technology and expert team, we were able to consolidate the task, reducing the need for individual verifiers at each location.

Results: Remarkably, Dreamworks Dental was able to reduce their insurance verification team from 8 to just 4 members, covering all 8 practices. This consolidation led to a 90% reduction in labor costs associated with insurance verification. Furthermore, the streamlined process resulted in a 30% decrease in processing time for claims, enhancing overall financial efficiency.

The cost savings have been extraordinary. Reducing our verification team while improving efficiency has made us more profitable and leaner in our operations.

Dr Nguyen
Dreamworks Dental.

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Do you enter patient information in my practice management system?
Absolutely. Our team is proficient in integrating seamlessly with your practice management system, ensuring that patient information is accurately and efficiently entered, maintaining the highest standards of data integrity and confidentiality.
Hours of operation?
We operate from 8 AM to 5 PM according to your local time zone. Each of our resources is dedicated to working a full 40-hour week exclusively for your practice, ensuring consistent and reliable support throughout your business hours.”
How do you deal with walk-ins or emergencies?
In situations involving walk-ins or emergencies, we prioritize these cases to ensure immediate attention and swift processing. Our team is trained to efficiently handle such scenarios, ensuring minimal disruption to your practice’s workflow.
Are resources shared across customers?
No, we provide dedicated resources for each client. This approach ensures that our team is fully focused on your specific needs and is familiar with the nuances of your practice, leading to better service quality and personalization.
Do you use a standardized form to verify insurances?
Yes, we utilize a standardized form for insurance verification to ensure thoroughness and accuracy. However, we are flexible and can incorporate any specific codes you use or adapt to your preferred forms to align perfectly with your practice’s requirements.
Where are your operations located?
Our leadership is based in Houston, TX. To provide cost-effective and efficient services, our team of insurance verifiers operates from offshore locations.
How long have you been offering these services?
We bring 8 years of extensive experience in providing specialized insurance verification services. Over these years, we have honed our expertise and methodologies to deliver exceptional results consistently.
How many clients do you currently serve?
Our services are trusted by over 150 practices across the United States. This wide client base is a testament to our reliability, expertise, and the high level of satisfaction we deliver in our insurance verification services.