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Traveling to the Akron Zoo proved to be a great escape for the Xpotential team. There was a lot of walking and excessive humidity, but It helped us realize a couple of things about our nature and amidst the heat and smell of fenced in animals, we learned a great lesson in marketing; one that really shaped us in such a way that it gave us a deeper sense of perspective.

About 3/4 of our way across the zoo led us to one of my personal favorite sections and what I like to call “the creatures that lurk in the night”. Bats hung upside down with their claws gripping the thin branches and sugar gliders sat perched on their own trees looking as innocent as can be. Dimly lit by a special bulb (I would presume this is to not hurt the animal’s vision) the creatures looked highly perplexed as to why there were a bunch of us standing around them. Frogs and amphibians of the like were separated by a thin piece of glass in their own miniature habitat, complete with a little waterway and accompanying branches here and there to give the sensation of a location deep in the misty woods of nature. The juxtaposition when closing in on the minuscule frogs was only heightened the closer that I got to them. Their forms in comparison to the surroundings made them appear as giants.

Approaching the end of our journey, we finally made it to my personal favorite section: The Aquarium. Snakes slithered across constructed branches enclosed in their own ecosystem and giant turtles congregated amongst the fish acting rather territorial. Of course, the real fun began when we encountered the jellyfish. The harmonious bulbs of glowing energy are fascinating. Swirling around each other in a rich darkness, only being illuminated by some feint lights, they worked as one organism. Their tentacles pulsated in and out propelling their transparent bodies in one fluid motion. It got me thinking about the networks of information in relation to marketing. We branch out our feelers and are one with the analysis of human nature. We proceed to take in loads of information all while working in tangent with that which already exists. I managed to capture this in its state of perpetual information gathering.

-Blade Birch, Creative Director,