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The inspiration for the logo was the navigation icon, which embodied travel and the notion of getting a person from point A to point B. Purple, symbolizing royalty, and the color black, signifying a higher level of service, filled in negative space while correlating within the circle of the navigation icon. CFC’s previous airplane logo limited their services display since they do not solely offer plane travel. Consequently, we situated the letter C within the navigation icon. Throughout the entirety of the process, we relayed that CFC is a service that “navigates” the entire process for the client.

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  • A brand that confined itself to strictly airline travel
  • Lack of brand consistency
  • Hidden / poor usage of logo


  • Choose colors, fonts, imagery and symbolism that resonates with their demographic
  • Create an entire brand system
  • Create a logo / symbol that resonates with all facets of travel
  • Appeal to Generation Y and their current demographic


Xpotential Marketing Group


Xpotential Marketing Group


Xpotential Marketing Group


Xpotential Marketing Group
Xpotential Marketing Group
Xpotential Marketing Group



  • No brand standards applied
  • Not mobile responsive
  • Color scheme wasn’t compliant with any brand standards
  • Information was not organized and easily accessible


  • Create a mobile responsive site (for phone, tablet, and desktop)
  • Apply a set of brand standards
  • Apply a consistent font and system of h1 tags
  • Apply relevant content to the homepage
  • Create a user experience around booking instantly (homepage email capture)
  • Create a chat function for customer interaction
  • Optimize the images for fast load times

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Xpotential Marketing Group
Xpotential Marketing Group

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The Problem

Corporate Flyer Club provides a seamless luxury travel experience for those who need to focus on their work and not travel details. Corporate Flyer Club needed a website that would provide high-intent traffic through SEO to their site to capture leads to turn into clients.

The Solution

Our focus for the SEO campaign was to provide quality content from our expert content writers and use keywords of intent within as part of our on-page optimization. We wanted to describe their services so a visitor could make an informative decision as to why they should use Corporate Flyer Club as their travel agency and convert users and leads to clients. Our use of effective page titles and page descriptions for the search results, along with proper header tags, helped the search engines better understand the content within the pages. Our Off-Page optimization consisted of a social media and backlinking campaign to increase brand awareness and site authority and to show Corporate Flyer Club is a leader in their industry. This strategy, which is part of our Phased approach for SEO, has proven to provide results time after time.


Organic Traffic in the first 6 months

The Results

Our use of non-competitive keywords allowed their site to place in first page results in under 6 weeks. Even though these long-tailed keywords have a lower search volume than more competitive ones, this placed Corporate Flyer in a position to capture traffic their competition was not optimized for much sooner. And having optimized the longer-tailed keywords, Corporate Flyer is now in a position to become optimized for the shorter-tailed keywords.

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