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Mat-Pac is an experienced industry leader in granting business owners the opportunity to build a private label brand. Founded in 1988, Mat-Pac Inc. is a chief supplier of paper, plastic, aluminum and disposable foam products. The company specializes in global sourcing, private labeling, and contract packaging.

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  • Lack of uniformity in the branding
  • Color scheme was inconsistent
  • No brand standards
  • Poor quality photos


  • Choose colors, fonts, imagery and symbolism that resonates with their demographic
  • Create an entire brand system
  • Take high quality product shots of their merchandise to boost customer engagement


Xpotential Marketing Group


Xpotential Marketing Group


Xpotential Marketing Group


Xpotential Marketing Group
Xpotential Marketing Group
Xpotential Marketing Group



  • No brand standards applied
  • Poor quality photos
  • Navigation was not user friendly
  • Not mobile responsive
  • Color scheme was outdated
  • Information was not organized


  • Create a mobile responsive site (for phone, tablet, and desktop)
  • Apply a set of brand standards
  • Apply a consistent font and system of h1 tags
  • Apply relevant content to the homepage
  • Create a customized integrated search bar
  • Build a digital catalog of products
  • Optimize the images for fast load times

Responsive Navigation

Xpotential Marketing Group
Xpotential Marketing Group

Digital Catalog

Integrated Search Bar


The Problem

Mat-Pac is a supplier of paper, plastic, aluminum and disposable foam products and specializes in global sourcing, private labeling, and contract packaging. Their products and services were limited to one page each and lacked the content and structure needed for search engines to index pages which resulted in very poor organic search rankings and traffic.

The Solution

Our SEO team made it a priority to focus on their products and website architecture to properly categorize and display their them on individual product pages for proper search engine indexing. We also wanted to focused on keyword research that would allow us to optimize for long-tailed keywords that were not as competitive in their industry. This would help put Mat-Pac in a position to drive needed traffic to their site and promote brand awareness. This strategy paired with our Phased approach for SEO would allow Mat-Pac to rank for targeted keywords their competition was not optimizing.


Organic Traffic in the first 6 months

The Results

The results were very impressive in a short amount of time. In the first 6 months, organic traffic was responsible for 75% of all traffic driven to the site. Having optimized for the longer-tailed keywords, over the next few months, allowed Mat-Pac to rank with first page results for the more competitive shorter-tailed keywords.

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